U13-U18 Paris Saint-Germain USA Elite Academy

Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA has launched its first program starting in the 2019-2020 season, the Paris Saint-Germain USA Elite Academy at the PSG Academy USA Campus (Fort Lauderdale, FL).

It offers a 10-month training and competition program for players aged 12-17 years old in a professional training center that applies the Paris Saint-Germain programs and methodology. The main focus of this program is to offer players the opportunity to train and prepare like professional players with a complete professional staff around them.

Strongly dedicated to the holistic improvement of its players, the PSG Academy USA Elite Academy focuses its primary efforts on the physical and technical aspects of the sport, making sure that there is a drastic improvement from beginning to end of season. All athletes are expected to perform at a professional level in their training sessions, competitions, and daily life to be successful on and off the field.


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U13-U18 Paris Saint-Germain USA <i>Elite Academy</i>

Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA brings you the first Elite Academy, that follows Paris Saint-Germain’s environment of professionalism combined with its world-renowned methodology and philosophy. This program is focused on offering you a professional formation through an accelerated environment to reach important milestones throughout your soccer career.

To be one of the best, you have to train like the best. Benefit from daily training sessions, plus weekend competition in a professional training center that applies the Paris Saint-Germain programs and methodology to improve your soccer knowledge, on and off the field. You will also have the chance to tackle preparation from another perspective, with the help of nutritionists, trainers, doctors, coaches dedicated to mental preparation, and advisors, among others.

The Elite Academy focuses on offering the best facilities and training conditions and gives you the opportunity to perform under a highly-rated professional philosophy, guided by a dedicated staff.


Through a world-class program, the Paris Saint-Germain USA Elite Academy builds champions!

Immersion in a professional environment

Professional Soccer Experience

All-encompassing training

Players reach an unparalleled level of physical and mental development, maximizing their potential and achieving their individual goals. Through evaluation and statistics, players have access to view and assess mistakes and view highlights.

All-inclusive Professional Staff

Committed to youth development

A complete staff has been put in place to provide a professional environment, including a Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Goalkeeper Coach, Athletic Trainer, Strength Coach, Nutritionist, and Career Advisors.

High Performance Preparation

Mental strategy and personal development  for training and competition

Immersion in a professional routine includes mental strategy development and personal development to prepare your body for training and competition. Guidance is available with advice dedicated to nutrition.

Elite Competition Program

Travel like professionals and share experiences and memories

Teams will participate in elite competitions featuring league games and tournaments (local, national and international) with various opportunities to compete at a very high level.

Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA Campus

Focused on the next generation of soccer players

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA Headquarter is equipped with locker rooms, a training room, a field viewing room, meeting rooms, and 5 fields with one main stadium field. It is built and equipped for elite performance and home to Paris Saint-Germain in the United States.

Get exposed to play at the highest level

An international scouting program

Distinct exposure opportunities are provided to student-athletes so that they can showcase their skills to professional soccer clubs in the US and Europe, colleges, and universities. A competitive environment pushes players to excel and succeed.

A Professional Schedule

Players will be immersed in a professional regimen where they will focus every day on a different subject that has been put in place to develop both the theoretical, mental, physical and technical/tactical aspects of the game. The goal is to be present at each stage of player development and have a holistic improvement, for success on and off the field.




Boys U13-U18
Limited to 1 team per category
SEASON: 10-month program (August to May) with daily training and competition program


  • Daily training sessions and weekend competition
  • Train at the PSG USA Headquarters
  • All-inclusive professional staff providing the best resources
  • Direct path to Europe via the International Center of European Football (ICEF)
  • International friendly games against European training center youth teams
  • Evaluations and statistics (video analysis, statistics collection, game reporting, GPS trackers)
  • Monthly workshops directed to career and professional development
  • Goalkeeper Academy with a dedicated team of professionals
  • Nutritional and mental guidance and advice


are scheduled every 1st day of the month from June to February
9 payment(s) of $480.77*
Total: $5,000.00
Registrations can be accepted only after passing tryouts.
* Payments have been discounted to reflect the pro-rated academy fees for your registration taking place on today.


  • Professional soccer training
  • Registration to the league
  • Professional team of soccer professionals and experts
  • Professional workshops and development sessions with experts
  • Access to professional center
  • Maintenance and rental fees


  • 10% discount granted for every siblings


Starting this season, PSG will propose an all-inclusive competition package which will be communicated in August comprising of:

  • League registration fees
  • Tournament fees
  • Referee fees
  • Referee Assignors fees
  • Tournament travel expenses of coach and tournament games' fees for coaches (only hotel rooms will not be included and will be collected directly from the Team Ambassador)

*Cost will vary per team


U13 - U15
Monday to Friday
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
U16 - U18
Monday to Friday
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM


PSG ACADEMY USA CAMPUS - Broward County Stadium

Uniform Kit

Players will be provided with official Nike clothing exclusively branded for Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA.

  • PSG Nike Training kit (jersey, short, socks)
  • PSG Nike Game kit (jersey, short, socks)
  • PSG Nike Travel kit (Tshirt, jacket, pants, bag)

Elite Academy

Information will be released soon